Sunday, December 27, 2009

the puparazzi!!!

merry christmas friends! its been a while since i've blogged because the internet in NJ is painstakingly slow. but i've finally gathered up enough patience to make a post.

how was everyone's christmas? mine was just swell!!! santie paws was good to me! i got some rawhides and chicken liver treats in my stocking and many new toys. a frisbee, a TALKING treat ball, a new hot dog man to replace the one i destroyed and much more!

does anyone else find christmas overwhelming?? on christmas morning i couldn't stop crying! it was 1/2 tears of joy and 1/2 tears of turmoil because of all the commotion. i tried to bury myself in a gift bag to calm myself down - it turned out to be too small.

mom got a brand new professional-grade camera. needless to say, she has been photographing me ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!!! it is like a puparazzi!!! here are some of the photos she's taken. hope ya'll had a great christmas. ; )

a profile shot.
looking a little sleepy. lol.
this is a little creepy.

playing with the gift auntie elly got me : )


caite said...

poor bandit! it was all a little overwhelming for you, wasn't it. That was because you were

bermudaonion said...

Oh Bandit, you're too cute! I don't blame your mom for wanting to take your picture all the time.

Bandit Jack said...

lolol kik! i dont know what you're talking about. bermudaonion, thanks ; )

caite said...

Bandit, you were crying. I heard you..