Monday, October 26, 2009

puppy pants

i've been waiting rather PATIENTLY for kiki to make me a pair of pants. i'm always exposed!!! well it's been about a year so i just decided to BUY some jeans....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

books part 2

mom would like you to know all the great deals she got at the semi-annual friends of the library sale!!! (remember a similar post last time??) unfortunately, she could not find any books written in italian for seems the folks in central florida don't speak much ITALIANO!!

Nicholas Sparks - The Lucky One
Janet Fitch - White Oleander
Kristin Hannah - Firefly Lane
P. D. James - The Murder Room
P. D. James - The Lighthouse
Alexander McCall Smith - Tears of the Giraffe
Alexander McCall Smith - Morality for Beautiful Girls

she wants to know if any of you "bookies" have any suggestions about what she should read first! oh yes, and she only spent $15!!! that means she has more money to buy me toys!!!!! : )

Friday, October 23, 2009


ok ok, i'll admit. the world from down here has shifted to the back burner as my mom is SUCH A COMPUTER HOG!!! she claims she needs the computer for school, but i've seen her playing the sims when she thinks i'm not looking!!! well i'm going to put my paw down...

what have i been doing? well last weekend grandmom & grandpop fitz came down to visit. mom kept it a secret so when they knocked on the door i had to try SO HARD not to pee pee in excitement!! (i did so successfully!!) they brought me a HASHBROWN, it was just like old times in NJ when i used to have hashbrown sunday!! mom decided to discontinue that tradition because she claims:
"bandit, if that is not good for my arteries, than it is most definitely not good for your little arteries."
just to prove a point, i decided to make myself a pizza for lunch yesterday. mom, it doesn't always have to be good for you!!

i'm sure you all know of my mom's OBSESSIVE's verging on diagnosable OCD. anyhow, she purchased a label maker, labeled everything she could think of and then some....

what's my fave toy these days? it's actually a webkinz (meaning it's meant for CHILDREN) mom and aunt elly call him my le tigre. i just loveeeee him!!!!

i'll be updating soon! don't youse worry!! but for now, i think ill just take a nap ; )

(mom says i sleep on my back a lot!!)

Friday, October 16, 2009


halloween is coming!! last year i was too little to get dressed up, but not this year!!!!!! me and mom have narrowed it down to two costumes. tell me what you think..


captain jack sparrow

i just can't wait to trick-or-treat!! hopefully they will have milkbones instead of milk chocolate!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

bandy in the bathtub...

i like this picture because at least i know im not the ONLY silly looking puppy in the bathtub. im getting a haircut on wednesday and they give me a bath and i end up looking soggy and deflated like these guys..


here's an actual picture of me when im all soggy and embarrassing!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

look at this...


...thats right. a snuggie. FOR DOGS!!! my mom tries to bundle me up for walks when it gets cold. i dont really need to be bundled up because im so fuzzy, i'm afraid she may get me not just one snuggie but TWO!!! its a bogo deal!!! blue is not really my color though...