Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what is this ALASKA!?

every night i sit on grandmom fitz's sofa & lay there pathetically. i keep asking my mom where my throne & daily back rubs are and she says grandmom's in alaska. i don't know where or what that is so i'll let out a grunt of exasperation. I WANT MY THRONE BACK!!

i'm doing weird things that are freaking my mom out. like staring down the stairs in the morning or barking at an empty hallway at night. since our designated spider killer (grandpop fitz) is also in this ALASKA place, mom runs around the house like a psycho. usually i'd just eat the spider for her, but when its on the ceiling, it becomes problematic.

i'm just so upset and lonely that i pooped in the front room when mom was at work. i did it on the wood so she could clean it up easy, but she still wasn't happy. i guess i'll just keep looking out the window for them to come home.

P.S. mom fell down the stairs again.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

jersey shoreeee..

today was BARKS ON THE BOARDS, an event on the boardwalk to benefit the local SPCA (which is a NO-KILL facility). mom & aunt elly took me to ocean city, there's a lot i could talk about, but i'd rather just show you a plethora of pictures:

here we are contemplatively looking at the ocean

..bravely sitting on the railing
this is evie, she pursued me...

i made mom take off this ridiculous bandana..
riley the maltee-poo. although he was cute, he was not nice.

auntie elly wanted us to go in the photo-booth, but i FREAKED OUT.

shot of the boardwalk (i keep waiting for some PANTS!)
elly ate the top and i ate the bottom.
sucking out all the ice cream, lol!

we all had a really fun day! hope your memorial day is just as fun!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

cake & haircuts you knowwwww, yesterday was mommy's birthday and OF COURSE there was a cake (which i was quite excited about!) i got a lot. i was getting little bits from everyone and i think they all lost track of HOW MUCH CAKE I ATE, YUMMMMM!! it was an aptly themed cake because she sipped margaritas all night, here's a pic:

yeah yeah, here's the cake. but what you're really looking for is...
me & the cake!!! yumm, i'm lickin' my lips!

now i've been getting some complaints suggestions to cut my hair. i don't really want to but i dont think i have much of a choice. i may be getting one tomorrow, blahhhh. meanwhile, here are some pictures of my R&R here in jersey:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

birthday girl

dear mom,

happy birthday

love, bandit jack : )

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mom's brand-spanking new blog!

my mom created her own blog because i told her she was crowding my space on here. check it out!!

sonic bliss..

ever since my mommy was a wee little girl, her favorite movie has been GREASE! in fact, she saw it on broadway over christmas break. so this obsession made her quite the frankie valli fan (along with my grandpop's endless amounts of frankie cd's). she's seen him probably four or five times & has also seen JERSEY BOYS on broadway. 

here's a video she took when she was at his most recent concert this weekend:

and now for your viewing pleasure, a few pictures from jacksonville:

^^ auntie elly!! ^^

the jacksonville landings!

the landings, again.
mommy & some sea creature.

today is your lucky day, i have EVEN MORE PICTURES, these are from the drive north:

south of the border
like my new hat!?
where we purchased fireworks!
a picnic with mom & auntie elly @ the maryland house!
yum that french fry looks GOOD! just like mom's ZITI!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mommy : )

here's a pic of me and my mom, happy mother's day!

Glitter Graphics

Saturday, May 9, 2009


to all fitzgeralds, ryans and others who surely care...

i, bandit jack, have made my appearance in town. come and play with me!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

taylor swifttttttttttt !!!!!!

here's a guest blogger, my mom..since i really can't rack up as much enthusiasm for this as she did. talk to you soon, bandy.

HI!! i saw taylor in jacksonville on friday after my last final. it was the best show ever, EVER!! (and i've been to my fair share of shows) the show was just under 2 hours, lots of costume changes and surprises!! she sang every single song i'd hoped she'd sing. but my FAVORITE (in conjunction with tell me why) should've said no was the last one. i kept waiting and waiting for it & then i remembered her AWESOME performance on one of those award shows where she started dancing in the rain, GASP!! could she have left this for last because she's going to get all wet!?!?!?!?!?


here's a video i stole off of youtube (no, i wasn't sitting that close, but it IS from the jacksonville show.) watch it!!! ...i think you should watch the first 3ish minutes and then the last two, because she does this weird drum thing in the middle. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Friday, May 1, 2009

does it count as a vacation if your destination is in your hometown?

i'm blogging from the laundry basket, where i'm currently laying in a fluffy down comforter that's waiting to get dry cleaned. i haven't blogged in quite some time because my mom was hogging the computer to study for finals which are now OVER!!!!!!!!!! [note: my first birthday is coming up on Aug. 1st, i'd like my own computer. preferably a mac, since that's what i'm accustomed to]

today, i'm being dropped of at a hotel just for me =D ; mom is taking a celebratory trip to jax & the hotel she booked charges $75 for dogs. (PER NIGHT!!!) i think it's ridiculous, esp. since we all know i'd never vandalize the place. you'd never even know i was there. so im getting boarded at the vet because mom does not have the capability to trust any other kennel in gainesville (i know, she needs to loosen the leash - literally!) she says someday she will take me to pet paradise - with its bone shaped in-ground swimming pool & rooms with tv & dvd players - but that will not be until AFTER she makes some money at her internship.

wish me luck at the hotel, i'm looking forward to meeting the other doggies! be blogging soon..