Friday, May 1, 2009

does it count as a vacation if your destination is in your hometown?

i'm blogging from the laundry basket, where i'm currently laying in a fluffy down comforter that's waiting to get dry cleaned. i haven't blogged in quite some time because my mom was hogging the computer to study for finals which are now OVER!!!!!!!!!! [note: my first birthday is coming up on Aug. 1st, i'd like my own computer. preferably a mac, since that's what i'm accustomed to]

today, i'm being dropped of at a hotel just for me =D ; mom is taking a celebratory trip to jax & the hotel she booked charges $75 for dogs. (PER NIGHT!!!) i think it's ridiculous, esp. since we all know i'd never vandalize the place. you'd never even know i was there. so im getting boarded at the vet because mom does not have the capability to trust any other kennel in gainesville (i know, she needs to loosen the leash - literally!) she says someday she will take me to pet paradise - with its bone shaped in-ground swimming pool & rooms with tv & dvd players - but that will not be until AFTER she makes some money at her internship.

wish me luck at the hotel, i'm looking forward to meeting the other doggies! be blogging soon..

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caite said...

Bandit, you are as spoiled as your mom.