Tuesday, May 12, 2009

sonic bliss..

ever since my mommy was a wee little girl, her favorite movie has been GREASE! in fact, she saw it on broadway over christmas break. so this obsession made her quite the frankie valli fan (along with my grandpop's endless amounts of frankie cd's). she's seen him probably four or five times & has also seen JERSEY BOYS on broadway. 

here's a video she took when she was at his most recent concert this weekend:

and now for your viewing pleasure, a few pictures from jacksonville:

^^ auntie elly!! ^^

the jacksonville landings!

the landings, again.
mommy & some sea creature.

today is your lucky day, i have EVEN MORE PICTURES, these are from the drive north:

south of the border
like my new hat!?
where we purchased fireworks!
a picnic with mom & auntie elly @ the maryland house!
yum that french fry looks GOOD! just like mom's ZITI!!

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