Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my lovely g'ville..

here is a lovely article on my hometown of gainesville, fl. i must say i was bursting with pride upon reading it because it really is just as great as they make it sound! (ps. my mom loves satchels!! it reminds her of the bubble room..) kiki sent me this link, my mom JUST found in among millions of other emails..

the weekend was nice. me and my mom watched bolt. (you know, the disney movie about a superhero dog!?) she laughed at me because i barked at bolt the whole movie. (sadly, he didn't bark back.) she also told me i was running and barking in my sleep that night. its because i was dreaming that me and bolt were playing!

here i am watching bolt!!

only my butt is in this picture..
my head is RIGHT under the wii! its too hard to see, i know.

i was feeling a little better from being sick last week, but it seems to have gone backwards and im feeling a little sick again. this morning i just curled up in the laundry basket and slept. (it was clean of course!!! my mom just puts off folding clothes...)

Friday, March 27, 2009

on the mend...

dr. sammy gave me special food to eat for a few days and a pill to make my tummy better. no intestinal parasites!!! i'm feeling better already!! thanks for all the well wishes!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


...i am sick. i feel pretty yucky, so im just going to lay here until my mom takes me to the doctor at five.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the world from down here goes INTERNATIONAL

What city would you retire to if money were no object?
...retire? doesn't that imply that i have a job? unless my job is to sit and be cute! (in which case i am a very hard worker..)

this question is quite difficult because i haven't traveled much (only home to NJ and to st. augustine). i would not want to go somewhere hot - today my mom was sunbathing and let me outside to play with her. i got SOOOOOO hot because im a complete fuzzball. a BLACK fuzzball to make matters worse. wherever i move must be temperate. 

i would also want to be able to speak the language so that i could meet new friends, so that narrows things down to USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, England and Italy. well Ireland is def. out because my mom would never move with me! she plans to study abroad in Italy so she must really like it. i think my answer would ultimately be somewhere on the amalfi coast of italy, positano, perhaps.

-->BUT WHERE WOULD YOU ALL RETIRE TO?!? (let me know!!)

...with an oh-so-smooth segue, I would like to bring to your attention all of the INTERNATIONAL visitors i have gotten on my blog! i think the most interesting countries are: thailand, romania, kazakhstan, sweden, indonesia and portugal. of course, you seasoned bloggers probably have a more diverse crowd, but i'm just a beginner. 

anyway, here's a map that shows the locations of a few of my visitors. my goal is to get 5 VISITORS FROM ITALY, then i will throw a big blog bash! so get all your italian friends to come and comment!

Monday, March 23, 2009

gadgets, mmm

what gadget is at the top of your wishlist?
funny enough, this has been quite a topic of conversation in my household. my mom's birthday is coming up, she's been talking about an iphone, one with lots of space to hold all her songs and movies. at first i thought it was a bit crazy, but then i saw the dog whistle app!! if i got my own iphone, i could play with the whistle all the time and no one would ever know! and i could download the kindle app..(are there any kindle books in italian?)

although, i have been wanting a can opener to open my dog food when my mom is at school..

anyway, here is a picture my mom insisted i upload, much to my chagrin. i think its embarrassing. yesterday was bath day. we were supposed to take a day trip but mom slept too late. she says we might go thursday if it does not rain. 


Saturday, March 21, 2009

recovering from st. patrick's day...

in honor of my fitzgerald-ness, i cracked open an ice cold smithwick's on st. patrick's day. afterward, i had a fine american brew, yuengling. here are some pictures of me polishing it off. and what would a beer be without a snack? my mom found me breaking into the milkbone box!!

today, my mom took me to petsmart!! i had a lot of fun sniffing all the other dogs there and she let me pick out what flavors of food i wanted. she even had a BOGO coupon for BEGGIN STRIPS!!!! mmm, i had pork tenderloin for lunch. today we are relaxing because my mom is finally done her tests! maybe tomorrow we will go on a day trip.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

some may find it crass..

...but i find it funny. i think everyone should have a good sense of humor!!! i was browsing the internet this afternoon and came across a website that sells monthly calendars. of what you ask? cute little puppy poop!!! haha, well i think its cute because im a puppy! it is called "the monthy doos" and i thought id share a selection of particularly funny photographs:

its my duty to keep you updated on current events in the puppy world!!! hope i didn't step on anyone's paws - perhaps you even chuckled!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st. patrick's day from a few of my friends..

just want to wish everyone a happy saint patrick's day. perhaps i'll crack open a cold one later. my mom is studying all this week so i stole the computer to write a new post. we are back in fl. its about 85 degrees and we're all sweating!!! we wish it was a bit cooler. 
anyway, here are some pics of my friends looking particularly festive:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my day at the beach!!

we're home! we're in NJ!! we went to the beach, how fun!!

brimming with excitment!

drinking the sea water. it tasted...different?

sniffing seashells.

a silouhette of me and my mom. pretty huh?