Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my lovely g'ville..

here is a lovely article on my hometown of gainesville, fl. i must say i was bursting with pride upon reading it because it really is just as great as they make it sound! (ps. my mom loves satchels!! it reminds her of the bubble room..) kiki sent me this link, my mom JUST found in among millions of other emails..

the weekend was nice. me and my mom watched bolt. (you know, the disney movie about a superhero dog!?) she laughed at me because i barked at bolt the whole movie. (sadly, he didn't bark back.) she also told me i was running and barking in my sleep that night. its because i was dreaming that me and bolt were playing!

here i am watching bolt!!

only my butt is in this picture..
my head is RIGHT under the wii! its too hard to see, i know.

i was feeling a little better from being sick last week, but it seems to have gone backwards and im feeling a little sick again. this morning i just curled up in the laundry basket and slept. (it was clean of course!!! my mom just puts off folding clothes...)


caite said...

glad you like the movie! I think doggies running in their sleep are so cute. and you are so cute...you would be double cute. Hope you are feeling better...and lay off the cupcakes!

bermudaonion said...

Oh Bandit, you are too cute. I was over at your aunt's blog and I'm wondering if it's not just a hangover.

Bandit Jack said...

HOW DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THE CUPCAKES!?!? i feel like im being facebook stalked although you mentioned you were out to dinner and i assumed it was with grandma.

thanks bermuda onion! it couldn't be a hangover because those pictures were taken on st. patricks day, what an awfully long hangover that would be! still looking forward to you making a blog about your dog!!!

Dar said...

Bandit, I love to bark at the dogs on the tv too, then I run around the house barking and drive my mommy crazy. It's quite a lot of fun.

My mommy says you look adorable in the linen basket. I only pull towels out, not lay in them so she's telling me I should pay attention to how nice you're laying.

Hope you feel better. It's no fun being sick...