Saturday, August 29, 2009

if you can't beat 'em..

..join 'em.

here i am trying to walk up auntie el. she didn't want to wake up so i went back to sleep too. (the quality isn't so great because it was dark & mom was using her iPhone)

today we took a walk to the kangaroo (1.6 miles is a lot when you're little!!) so i've been pooped all day. mom and auntie el planted some flowers and the back porch looks really nice! now i have something pretty to look at when i go pee pee!!!

how's your weekend??

Monday, August 24, 2009

mom's first day of school

after the long drive back to gainesville, im glad to be blogging again. back at my own desk where i can blog regularly. SPEAKING OF WHICH, today was mom's first day of school. ...i couldn't just sit around and SLEEP while she was at class, could i?!!? [well, i some point]

no! today, i took the liberty to clean her whole desk off and rearrange. kind of like a spring cleaning!! everyone loves a good ol' cleanin' before a new semester. i even got colored folders and typed labels for them with each of her class names!!! here are some pictures of my hard work...

[i wish i could say that i bought the new printer for my mom as a gift, but she bought it for a gift]

you like pokey climbing up the lamp? i thought it was a nice touch..

as i was saying, we took a road trip back this weekend. i just love road trips because then i can jump into my carrier, and wear my shades!!!

and waited alllll summer to come back to gainesville so that i could get my haircut the way she and i like it. well, she likes its look & i like it because she always requests she is my girlfriend. here i am in my spiffy new look:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a lazy birthday weekend.

on FRIDAY, it was take your doggie to work day. ok...not really, but my mom did take me to work : ) here are a few pics:

here i am with the company magnet in my travel crate.
[bandit] jack in the box!!!
izzy & kathy liked me!!
on mom's chair
on mom's chair again

then on SATURDAY, it was my first birthday!! mom sang me happy birthday and then we went to sonic!! that's where she took me when she first adopted me! she got me some tater tots and i loveeeed them. auntie elly gave me a few sips of peanut butter milkshake. me and mom took a nap together and i got a new octopus toy! each of its tentacles has a SQUEAKER!!! here are some pictures of me relaxing on my special day!!