Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a lazy birthday weekend.

on FRIDAY, it was take your doggie to work day. ok...not really, but my mom did take me to work : ) here are a few pics:

here i am with the company magnet in my travel crate.
[bandit] jack in the box!!!
izzy & kathy liked me!!
on mom's chair
on mom's chair again

then on SATURDAY, it was my first birthday!! mom sang me happy birthday and then we went to sonic!! that's where she took me when she first adopted me! she got me some tater tots and i loveeeed them. auntie elly gave me a few sips of peanut butter milkshake. me and mom took a nap together and i got a new octopus toy! each of its tentacles has a SQUEAKER!!! here are some pictures of me relaxing on my special day!!


caite said...

0 woof woofs? oh, that is so wrong!
I am glad you enjoyed your visit to your mom's office Bandit. and it looks like the people there enjoyed your visit too.
how could they not.because you are so cute.

bermudaonion said...

Oh, I bet everyone likes you, Bandit!

Serena said...

Bandit is so adorable! Love Bandit in a box!

Bandit Jack said...

thanks for all of your kind words. someday its going to get to my head : P