Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a comic : )

"Thats the deal -- they get unconditional love,
and you get an occasional tummy rub."

isn't that a fitting comic? just kidding!! i get so many tummy rubs and kisses and lots of play time. i certainly can't complain. (sometimes i look forward to when everyone goes to work...i get some me time)

well, i got the hair cut. the girl who did it cut my ears unevenly. my mom wants to fix it but she's too busy!! here's a pic of "the new me."

this was taken just this morning! i was begging my mom for some cheerios. yes, there is some kibble behind me, but you don't expect me to eat THAT!?!?!


caite said...

no Bandit, you never lack for the belly rubs, do you?
I would give you one...even if you do look rather strange, what with the ear thing an all.

Dar said...

Oh no, how she mess up your ear? Oh well, mom says you're adorable, funny ear or not. Mom gives me Special K-yummo!