Tuesday, January 20, 2009

did somebody say mcdonald's?

hi everyone! its been a while since i've posted. yesterday my mom got mcdonald's!! (it is still quite a wonder to us all how she can eat a micky-dee's cheeseburger given her aversion to beef). of course, ever since my stay at home with grandma & kiki - i've taken to begging every single time i see food. see exhibit a:

(begging aunt vi for some cheesecake. don't you know puppies love cheesecake?!)
..anyway, i was begging my mom like usual & she gave me a fry. WOW! the world is so much better beyond the kibble. then i kept begging and i got a fry with KETCHUP on it. i like to lick the ketchup off first, then eat the fry. my mom laughs at me because i get ketchup all over my nose and beard! mmm, delicious. give me golden arches any day..

for MLK weekend, my mom had monday off! so paired w/ her ususal tuesdays off, we got to spend 4 whole days together =D - exhibit b:

cuddling with my mom..
giving her a kiss!!

by the way, did any of y'all (yes, i use y'all, im a southern gentleman) notice that my mom has a giant HOLE in her jeans!? shes really embarrassed as they are not MADE to be like that, like some jeans are.  if any of you would like to donate to the buy my mom new pants fund, please let me know.

...it has been suggested by kiki that my mom purchase me a set of doggie stairs so that i can look out the window. she found a cheaper alternative, exhibit c:

sitting on a dining room chair. although that stupid window keeps slamming shut so we put a 2 x 4 there. jeeze, my mom has a bunch of problems, huh? (by the way, i single handedly polished off that keg to the left of me..)

and last, but certainly not least, i'd like to wish my grandma a very happy birthday!! here i am saying happy birthday:

Monday, January 12, 2009



im sure some of you have stopped by my aunt's blog, a lovely shore breeze, if not, stop by today and wish her a happy birthday!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

..and we'll do it again next year

in case you've been living out in the dog house for the past week (no pun intended, lol!) i'm sure you know that WE'RE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! on thursday night the gators beat the oklahoma sooners 24-14. of course. did we ever think they wouldn't? anyway..for all you concerned gator fans, plan on a championship next year too because tim tebow is coming back for his senior year! 

the game was on the night after my surgery. my mom stayed home to watch it with me because i was in pain and we had so much fun cheering at the TV..im quite a big football fan. in fact, i watched my mom's favorite nfl team (the giants) lose today =(.


Thursday, January 8, 2009


i got neutered yesterday. they had to keep me overnight at the animal hospital but my mom brought my blanket for me to sleep on to remind me of home. since i was cryptorcid (..five dollar word for you to google) i had two incisions. also, i needed to get four of my teeth pulled and microchipped. it was a longgggg day. today im very lazy and taking lots of naps. my mom is staying home to take care of me. i hope i start to feel better soon =\ ..