Sunday, January 11, 2009

..and we'll do it again next year

in case you've been living out in the dog house for the past week (no pun intended, lol!) i'm sure you know that WE'RE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! on thursday night the gators beat the oklahoma sooners 24-14. of course. did we ever think they wouldn't? anyway..for all you concerned gator fans, plan on a championship next year too because tim tebow is coming back for his senior year! 

the game was on the night after my surgery. my mom stayed home to watch it with me because i was in pain and we had so much fun cheering at the quite a big football fan. in fact, i watched my mom's favorite nfl team (the giants) lose today =(.


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caite said...

Some nice pics there.

Sorry about your Giants...but folks here in south Joisey seem very happy about those Eagles.