Thursday, January 8, 2009


i got neutered yesterday. they had to keep me overnight at the animal hospital but my mom brought my blanket for me to sleep on to remind me of home. since i was cryptorcid (..five dollar word for you to google) i had two incisions. also, i needed to get four of my teeth pulled and microchipped. it was a longgggg day. today im very lazy and taking lots of naps. my mom is staying home to take care of me. i hope i start to feel better soon =\ ..


caite said...

poor, poor Bandit!!

but at least you got that nice hair cut Sunday and look so very very handsome. I wish that I was there to give you a hug, but I am sure your mom is taking good care of you.

wait! you mean your mom missed her first day of classes!!??

Dar said...

Awwww, poor Bandit. That's a lot for a little guy to go through. Hope you're feeling better today Bandit. Buddy is sending you puppy love and slurps.

Anonymous said...

Poor Bandit. He did have a rough day.

Bandit Jack said...

i sure did, bermudaonion but im feeling a lot better now!

caite said...

Bandit, I just noticed how much better your handwriting has gotten, comparing your Christmas note with the thank you note from your get well present.
You must be working on it... in between ESCAPING! You bad, bad