Sunday, September 27, 2009

its that time of year again.

hmmm... i seem to remember about this time last year mom was thinking about my CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT!! for those of you unlucky enough to have received my christmas card, i was placed amongst snow and presents and had my picture taken for HOURS. HOURS HOURS HOURS! i'm certainly not kidding. it would have been even worse if mom had succeeded in making me wear the doggie santa hat she bought.

anyway, i've heard her mention this year's christmas card and it just makes me CRINGE!!! here are some of the bad pictures from last year. if ya'll remember me sitting cutely in the snow, here is proof that that is NOT how the whole scene played out...

"lay down, bandy."
"bandy, don't eat the snow."
"want this treat bandy? look up here"
"bandy, you can have it AFTER we take the picture"
"bandy sit still!!"

so which picture was the eventual "winner"? here it is:

i look so happy and mellow, right? well now you know that's WRONG ; )

if any of you have some suggestions on what theme we can do this year and how to make it not so TERRIBLE, let me know. ill pass it on to my mom.

Monday, September 21, 2009

366 days : )

yesterday was the anniversary of my homecoming! i was only 2 lbs and 8 weeks old when my mom came and got me. her, aunt elly & aunt vi drove all the way to south carolina to get me!!! before driving back the 8ish hours, we went to sonic for lunch (had to be an OUTDOOR place bc of me). I was very timid at first but mom brought me a tan fuzzy blanket and a few toys for the trip. She and i laid in the back seat the whole ride home and i started to feel better.

We got home at 11-12ish and mom (being an unprepared first-time mom) decided that she and aunt elly should get me a baby gate so that i wouldn't poop and pee all over the carpet. because it was so late, they headed to the 24-hour walmart and left me & my leash tied to the oven door in the kitchen in the hopes that it would make me stay on the tile! weren't they surprised to find me hiding under the dining room table when they got back!!

thats how it all began. here are some flash-backs:

mom says the best thing she ever ever did is get me : )

Saturday, September 19, 2009

well, its been a while

i'm back by [very] popular demand! i took a hiatus because i got sick again & bc i've just been a busy boy!

weather around these parts was rainy for a while. i didn't get to take my after lunch & after dinner walks. that put me in a bad mood - try blogging when you're in a bad mood. then i got sick. for 5ish days. good thing i got better before mom took me to the vet. last time i was there, it wasn't pretty.

football season has started and i've been busy watching the gators kick some butt. today is a BIG game against TENN. mom could have sold her ticket for $125, but she wanted to go instead. TENN's coach is a jerk and said they're going to beat us and that urban meyer is a cheater; all of us gators are mad. the kick off is at 3:30 & ill be watching it from the comfort of my house. mom wanted to take me, but i said NO THANKS MOM. im fuzzy and black and its HOT OUT THERE!!! ill just crack open a cold one and lounge on the couch.

elly got me a new toy. actually she got me 2 toys (because i never got a birthday present from her!!!) she got me a zebra that makes 2 different squeaky noises & she got me a raw-hide alternative that is real yummy - bacon flavored. mom bought me a new frisbee because my old one is all chewed up & she got me something else but she said she's saving it for a rainy day. i think ill try to find it when she is at the game this afternoon, muahahahahaha!

here are a few pictures of me: