Saturday, September 19, 2009

well, its been a while

i'm back by [very] popular demand! i took a hiatus because i got sick again & bc i've just been a busy boy!

weather around these parts was rainy for a while. i didn't get to take my after lunch & after dinner walks. that put me in a bad mood - try blogging when you're in a bad mood. then i got sick. for 5ish days. good thing i got better before mom took me to the vet. last time i was there, it wasn't pretty.

football season has started and i've been busy watching the gators kick some butt. today is a BIG game against TENN. mom could have sold her ticket for $125, but she wanted to go instead. TENN's coach is a jerk and said they're going to beat us and that urban meyer is a cheater; all of us gators are mad. the kick off is at 3:30 & ill be watching it from the comfort of my house. mom wanted to take me, but i said NO THANKS MOM. im fuzzy and black and its HOT OUT THERE!!! ill just crack open a cold one and lounge on the couch.

elly got me a new toy. actually she got me 2 toys (because i never got a birthday present from her!!!) she got me a zebra that makes 2 different squeaky noises & she got me a raw-hide alternative that is real yummy - bacon flavored. mom bought me a new frisbee because my old one is all chewed up & she got me something else but she said she's saving it for a rainy day. i think ill try to find it when she is at the game this afternoon, muahahahahaha!

here are a few pictures of me:


caite said...

Go Gators!!

Hey Bandit. By a cold one, you mean a bottle of water right?

Bandit Jack said...

any cold beverage.... ; )

go gators

caite said...

well, your gators won, no doubt because you look so cute in your gator blankie.