Monday, September 21, 2009

366 days : )

yesterday was the anniversary of my homecoming! i was only 2 lbs and 8 weeks old when my mom came and got me. her, aunt elly & aunt vi drove all the way to south carolina to get me!!! before driving back the 8ish hours, we went to sonic for lunch (had to be an OUTDOOR place bc of me). I was very timid at first but mom brought me a tan fuzzy blanket and a few toys for the trip. She and i laid in the back seat the whole ride home and i started to feel better.

We got home at 11-12ish and mom (being an unprepared first-time mom) decided that she and aunt elly should get me a baby gate so that i wouldn't poop and pee all over the carpet. because it was so late, they headed to the 24-hour walmart and left me & my leash tied to the oven door in the kitchen in the hopes that it would make me stay on the tile! weren't they surprised to find me hiding under the dining room table when they got back!!

thats how it all began. here are some flash-backs:

mom says the best thing she ever ever did is get me : )


caite said...

Oh Bandy, you were so tiny!

bermudaonion said...

You're so cute, I should have known you were from South Carolina.

Bandit Jack said...

thanks : ) ! does that mean you're from SC too? we're both southerners?? lol