Sunday, September 27, 2009

its that time of year again.

hmmm... i seem to remember about this time last year mom was thinking about my CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT!! for those of you unlucky enough to have received my christmas card, i was placed amongst snow and presents and had my picture taken for HOURS. HOURS HOURS HOURS! i'm certainly not kidding. it would have been even worse if mom had succeeded in making me wear the doggie santa hat she bought.

anyway, i've heard her mention this year's christmas card and it just makes me CRINGE!!! here are some of the bad pictures from last year. if ya'll remember me sitting cutely in the snow, here is proof that that is NOT how the whole scene played out...

"lay down, bandy."
"bandy, don't eat the snow."
"want this treat bandy? look up here"
"bandy, you can have it AFTER we take the picture"
"bandy sit still!!"

so which picture was the eventual "winner"? here it is:

i look so happy and mellow, right? well now you know that's WRONG ; )

if any of you have some suggestions on what theme we can do this year and how to make it not so TERRIBLE, let me know. ill pass it on to my mom.


caite said...

Bandit, you know I love you, but a couple of those pictures are CREEPY!

Bandit Jack said...

like the one where i'm licking my chops? and my eyes look like glass eyes? im not particularly fond of that one. this is why it didnt make the christmas card.