Friday, July 3, 2009

I'M HERE!!!!

hey everybody. you'll never guess why i haven't been able to blog in such a long time!! our house was hit by lightning & surged out the internet!! i was home at the time. mom, grandmom & grandpop were at work. i heard  a HUGEEEEEE explosion. we saw bark EVERYWHERE!!

here's where it hit, this poor tree has to come down on tuesday. mom says she might cry.

so, finally the internet is up and running. we think the router got surged out too, so right now im HARDWIRED to the wall!! blahh.

anyway, how's everyone been? i've been spending a lot of time with yours truly now that mom's working everyday but she likes it. hope everything's well with ya'll!!


Dar said...

Buddy and I have missed you and your mommy Bandit! Funny I was just thinking yesterday of leaving a comment on your last post asking where you two were. I'm so glad all is well again and it sure is good to see your cute little 'mug' again Bandit!

Bandit Jack said...

Thanks, Dar!! I've missed you and Buddy too. : )

caite said...

what do barks look like?