Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i would be quite happy if...

...i never saw, heard or even SMELLED another “firework” ever ever again. i felt like we were under siege!! of course i’m referring to this weekend’s 4th of july activities. the day was nice and leisurely (until the END!!!)

in the afternoon we sat on the porch in the lovely warm weather. grandmom made margaritas - auntie elly, grandmom and grandpop had some. (well, i may have had a lick or two, GASP!!) here’s a few pictures:

haha, silly faces!!
me & mommy
playing with auntie

then, mom and aunt elly went over to atlantic city for dinner and to see the fireworks. they took some pictures and i promised i’d post them. (yes, there is a guard rail in the picture; they watched them from the AC expressway, lol) so here are some distant photos of the harrah’s/borgata spectacular:

last, but MOST CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, when mom and aunt elly got home, everyone went outside to light the illegal fireworks that we smuggled into nj. (surely you remember the pictures we took at south of the border!?) did i mention that i HATE FIREWORKSSS. unlike most dogs, i’m a brave boy, thunder doesn’t scare me at all. mom said it would sound like thunder, but i was clawing at grandmom because FEAR was just overcoming me. i was later found hiding under the coffee table. ...of course because my thoughts (and paws) were elsewhere at the time, i can’t provide any pictures of the fireworks escapade.

luckily mom & auntie el wrapped me in my puppy blanket and cuddled with me on the bed. you can definitely see the horror on my face:

hope your 4th was a little less NERVE-RACKING than mine. talk to ya’ll soon!!


Dar said...

Oh boy, oh boy Bandit, can I relate!!! Thunder, I can do but don't light those fireworks. I don't like them. I run all around the house in circles barking at the top of my lungs. Mommy gets more than a little irritated with me because for some reason she likes those things. Anyhow I'm with you. I'm glad it's over for this year.

Mommy says to tell you that you are absolutely adorable.

Bandit Jack said...

Thank you!! My mom (and grandmom and everyone else) think my hair's getting a little shabby so i think im going to the groomer this weekend : (

caite said...

heard you got a haircut!

sorry your 4th was scary...mine was fun.

hey Bandit, I got you a gift on my trip!