Monday, March 23, 2009

gadgets, mmm

what gadget is at the top of your wishlist?
funny enough, this has been quite a topic of conversation in my household. my mom's birthday is coming up, she's been talking about an iphone, one with lots of space to hold all her songs and movies. at first i thought it was a bit crazy, but then i saw the dog whistle app!! if i got my own iphone, i could play with the whistle all the time and no one would ever know! and i could download the kindle app..(are there any kindle books in italian?)

although, i have been wanting a can opener to open my dog food when my mom is at school..

anyway, here is a picture my mom insisted i upload, much to my chagrin. i think its embarrassing. yesterday was bath day. we were supposed to take a day trip but mom slept too late. she says we might go thursday if it does not rain. EMBARRASSING!


Dar said...

Ha, ha Bandit, your mommy got you in the tub hey. I'm not too fond of baths at all and mommy has been hinting at one. I have a really funny baby picture somewhere of me when I had my first bath. I looked like a drowned rat. Hope you got the blow dry treatment afterwards-now that part I like.
Luv Buddy

caite said...

I think you look very cute. And you smell so nice after a bath Bandit, so it is worth it.

I posted another cute picture of you on my blog today also Bandit...although I think that I have to save this one too, for the

Grandmom Fitz said...

Your Mommy will show this picture to a future girlfriend and then you will really be embarrased!!

Bandit Jack said...

well, i am still heartbroken over lily -the dog next door who broke up with me for a pit bull. i am not thinking of any girlfriends until i am over the heartbreak.

yes kiki, i smell nice but i dont think its worth it because i dont mind smelling!!

and dar, i am very scared of the low noise the hair dryer makes, so i run under the bed and air dry.