Friday, April 24, 2009

picnic : )

yesterday, mom, me and auntie elly went to the park! we stopped by crispers and got salads to have a picnic under a big mossy tree. they let me eat the croutons, and i relaxed in the shade.

afterward, we took a walk on the trail and eventually ended up by the playground. mom and auntie elly jumped on the swings & i sat on auntie elly's lap! we swung for a long long time and i had a lot of fun.

lastly, we went over to the soccer fields. we brought a soccer ball and auntie elly kicked goals for a while. mom (who believe it or not used to PLAY A SPORT - i know, i was shocked, too) sat on the bleachers and watched. i chased after the soccer ball but its just as tall as me so i can't kick it. 

i had a really fun time. i meant to post pictures, but i forgot to grab the camera on our way out!! 

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