Friday, April 17, 2009


mom got an internship for the summer. she said she's very excited because she'll be making a lot of money & she said she'll buy me things! here's what i'm thinking:

i don't know which pet stair to choose, this one has a landing!! i'll be able to take a rest on the way up..

this one matches mom's furniture and it's rather BEACHY!!


Dar said...

Oh oh Bandit, my mommy is really considering one of these pet stair thingies. She says I do way too many couch olympics and I'm gonna get hurt. This doesn't look half as comfy as laying on the top of the couch though. Ok, mommy wants to talk...

Congrats on getting the internship---that's awesome!

Bandit Jack said...

my mom read an article (passed along by my grandpa fitz) about how the pillow top mattress craze is making it harder for little dogs like me a buddy to jump up on the bed!!! i def can't jump, but i can jump down & mom thinks i might burt my knees.

and she says thanks! she's super excited & now she can see the light at the end of the "UGH, I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE SCHOOL" tunnel.

caite said...

yes, give my congrads to your mom Bandit. except I know where you are working ....and it is the same company that I work for the XYZ/Ajax Utility you also have my pity...just

the white stairs would go with your mom's bedroom furniture..but I like the other one a lot.
and that

Bandit Jack said...

pity!? needs no pity when she laughs her way to the bank.