Tuesday, April 14, 2009

say cheese...

look i got a haircut! mom says i'm real cute.

playing in the yard. i love my new 20 ft tie-out. i can run around!


this one reminds me of "tip-toe through the tulips!!" lol

mom says it looks like i've found God.



Dar said...

Bandit, you are adorable! That's what my mommy said right out loud a minute ago. I have to agree with mommy-you are looking pretty snappy-I don't know if snappy enough to have my mommy drooling over your pics so much and going aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I mean, come on, I'm cute too. Ok, mommy wants to talk now....Buddy

OMG, I can't even pick a favorite because I love them all. I just want to give him a big Auntie Dar hug and moo-moo (those are kisses, weird I know). I love where he's helping you study and the one where he's found God is just beautful. Let's face, I like em all!

Bandit Jack said...

aw dar, you're always so nice!! i'd love an auntie dar hug. and a hug from buddy too!

caite said...

wait...what is that person in pink doing behind you as you are 'studying'?

Bandit Jack said...

thats mom. she's making me focus! lol