Saturday, April 4, 2009

exposing my inner green thumb

today, mom, me and aunt elly went to kanapaha botanical gardens. it was a beautiful day to go! the weather was sunny and mild with barely any humidity. we were inspired to go because we wanted to "get out" and do something different, but mom has too many tests to take a day trip to cedar key or jax. 

kanapaha botanical gardens is tucked way back, off of the main road. you have to drive about a mile on a windy narrow road to even reach the welcome center. it is a 66 acre facility with a 1.5 mile path that winds through many different types of gardens. here's our route:

we started on the left side of the map seeing the water garden,  and rose garden. then we walked near the picnic area (which we are planning to revisit) through the vinery, up to the hummingbird garden and finally back at the beginning. 

mom's favorite was def. the herb garden. it's the largest herb garden in the southeast and it's sooooo fragrant. i kept trying to eat the mint leaves, but she was smelling the oregeno, chives, lavender, sage, saffron, name it..

the last part of the journey gave us a really nice view of lake kanapaha. it is a native american term for "palm leaves" and "houses;" like the huts the native americans built with the palm leaves. (PALM SUNDAY! TOMORROW!)

here are a lot of pictures from our visit:

mom is trying to pull me over the bridge in the asian garden but i just wanted to run the other way because im too scared of heights!!!
laying in the shade for break #1 with my twig!
they have one of the biggest bamboo exhibits..
this tree is the ONLY survivor of hurricane frances in 1991. i bet it misses its friends =(
break #2, on a bench in front of the waterfalls.

a picture of the zen garden. 

the biggest marigold i've ever seen..

break # 3: hangin out in the shade.

in the rose garden. mom's favorite are yellow and white roses!

break #4 - taking a drink. boy, i was thirsty!

we took this picture esp. for grandmom fitz, we know she'd like these guys.

here i am in the vinery, under a trellis.

a really cool sinkhole, it reminds me of TWILIGHT!


a bottle tree! isn't it pretty? its an african custom to bottle up evil spirits.

yep, i sat ON the pansies.

i wish we could show you the rest of our walk but the camera died, =( !

we finished off the day with a bath and now im going to lay on the sofa and take a nap. talk to y'all later.

ps. mom got an ORECK and loves it. its orange!


caite said...

wow, that is very cool looking. how come you mom, ms. gainesville, has not taken us there before?
are doggies allowed in, or did he have to sneak in?

caite said...

never mind. I found the link in the NY Times article and see they do allow doggies on a leash. that is excellent. you will have to take me there Bandit, next time I visit you down there.

Bandit Jack said...

we'd love to! mom never really knew anyone that ever went there so thats why she never thought to take you. we think you'd really like it!