Saturday, April 18, 2009


my mom went to a book thing this morning. they were selling used books to benefit the local library. i think the books were donated by people in the community. it started at 9, she got there at 9:45 and it was PACKED. a huge warehouse FULL FULL FULL of books. there were even police officers outside to direct the enormous flow of traffic. 

the most she paid for a book was $5. it was hardback & its a really new one so it was a great deal. she got 12 books total for only $29!!! she said she could only get 2 PAPERBACKS for that amount of cash at the barnes & noble down the street!!! she said she feels like a THEIF!! here's a pic of her booty & a picture of me that is blurry, but irresistible 
: )

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caite said...

i love books sales!!

bandit, you looks crazy in that picture...CRAZY!