Thursday, April 16, 2009

perhaps i'll join the circus.

i have been clicker training, sit, down, etc. here's the fun part! (except i get kind of dizzy)


Grandmom Fitz said...

You are such a smart little doggie!! Good Boy!! I can see how you might get dizzy with your Mom making you roll over continually!!
Now we know that if you are smart enough to roll over you certainly can learn to "stay" when needed!! Keep up the good work!!!

Dar said...

Wow Bandit, you are amazing. My mommy couldn't teach me that one for the world. I'll only do it if I feel like it. Ok, mommy wants to talk-that was absolutely adorable!!! There were many aaahhhhhhs going on here. lol.

caite said... may be smarter than I
Have I mentioned you are very cute?

But my question is, will you answer when you are called?? huh??

Bandit Jack said...

you were always doubting my intelligence. i always thought it was silly, how many canines speak italian and teach statistics!?