Saturday, October 24, 2009

books part 2

mom would like you to know all the great deals she got at the semi-annual friends of the library sale!!! (remember a similar post last time??) unfortunately, she could not find any books written in italian for seems the folks in central florida don't speak much ITALIANO!!

Nicholas Sparks - The Lucky One
Janet Fitch - White Oleander
Kristin Hannah - Firefly Lane
P. D. James - The Murder Room
P. D. James - The Lighthouse
Alexander McCall Smith - Tears of the Giraffe
Alexander McCall Smith - Morality for Beautiful Girls

she wants to know if any of you "bookies" have any suggestions about what she should read first! oh yes, and she only spent $15!!! that means she has more money to buy me toys!!!!! : )


caite said...

of course, I will have to say The Lighthouse!
First, because I like PD James, although I have not read any of her books in awhile.
and second, it has a LIGHTHOUSE!

Bandit Jack said...

well good choice. mom is acutally reading "the murder room" first because it says it comes before the lighthouse. its an adam dalgliesh book if that means anything to you?