Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a traditional (and non traditional) st. patrick's day celebration!

i am just a puppy, so i don't have a job. (unless being cute is a job!) but grandmom and grandpop and kiki do, so we decided to celebrate st. patrick's day this past weekend! we decorated the dining room festively and made some traditional (and non-traditional) irish food. i took some pictures to share!

a festive setting! balloons and shamrocks, how fun!

the ever-traditional irish brown bread. freshly baked by kiki, scrumptious!

the semi-traditional irish shrimp salad. usually, baby shrimp are served. and NEVER EVER cocktail sauce. always russian dressing. try it some time..

very non-traditional irish potato candies. sickeningly sweet..

the extremely non-traditional, yet very fitting, key lime pies...

we also had some traditional irish vegetable soup and some NON-TRADITIONAL corned beef and cabbage. however, i was just tooooo excited to take a picture before i gobbled them both up!

i hope all of you enjoy your st. patrick's day. i'm hoping to get my paws on a bottle of smithwick's before the day ends. ; )

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caite said...

Bandy, I am glad you enjoyed the day as much as I did! you like the corned beef, didn't you?