Friday, November 20, 2009

RIP Fox...

now before you jump to conclusions, yes, that is fox's tail hanging out of my mouth. but that doesn't mean i ATE HIM!!!

on the contrary, i just...dismantled him.

yes, i ripped fox's tail off. i am guilty. but right before this was about to happen:

mom heard a yelp. yes, that was from me. mommy please don't throw away the tail, that's my favorite part!!!!! she let me keep it : )

grandpop gave me fox for my birthday which was almost 4 months ago. mom is happy because this is the longest time it's ever taken me to destroy a toy. it's usually more like a week or two. she gets mad because she has to buy me more!! i'm glad i accomplished my mission. now onto my next:


caite said...

oh, poor foxie...we hardly knew ya...{{sob}}

Bandit Jack said...

poor foxie is right. but it was fun! : D