Sunday, November 22, 2009

a sassy ____poo

you fill in the blank. no one knows for sure what breed i am, but everyone agrees i'm half poodle. so fill in the blank for me!!! mom thinks i'm a lhasa apso-poo and grandmom thinks i'm a bichon-poo. what do ya'll think!?!

anyway i got my hair cut. i'm sure you can see the enthusiasm radiating off me.

obviously, i couldn't have been bothered because i was much more interested in playing with fox's tail!

no matter what i happen to be mixed with, my haircut makes me one sassy poodle. (or so mom says).

P.S. to those who have been wondering, mom has found her camera charger and is now taking pictures of me incessantly! ugh. grr..


caite said...

I think you are 100% cute!

but you look so sad in that picture...actually both of them. Smile Bandy, you will be home soon and I will give you a BIG kiss.

Grandmom Fitz said...

Definitely a Bijon Poo!!! So cute!! Can't wait for you to get up on your throne!! We will have a little hint of Grand Marnier ready for you Bandit!!