Friday, November 28, 2008

how fun to have a holiday just for eating turkey!

yesterday was the famous thanksgiving id been looking forward to! in the morning my mom and grandma and aunt kiki gave me a haircut and a bath for the special day. i look pretty SPIFFY! we watched the parade, but my favorite was the DOG SHOW! i was rooting for annie the fuzzy white samoyed. she was a close friend of my doggie mommy's - she came to visit me when i was born. (her owners are italian, so i learned to speak it at a very young age. that is how im fluent in italian.)

but boy, did i love thanksgiving! i loved the way my moms pointy shoes made a clicky-clack every time she walked. i chased it all day. i love how after dinner we all snuggled in to watch elf together. babies, puppies, little boys and grown ups; sprawled all over the sofas, chairs and floor. we really looked like that netflix commercial. but of course, my favorite was the juicy, tender turkey eyeing me from the bottle of my bowl. i ate that up in a matter of seconds, gobble gobble!!

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caite said...

that picture is rather disturbing.:-)