Sunday, November 30, 2008

my trip home grandpa woke me up at four this morning to take me out. he said it was the last time he'd see me in a while since me and my mom were flying back to florida. i am getting used to the funny smell and loud noises of the airplane. today i was even brave enough (or tired enough) to catch a couple winks in my carrier.

i'm home now. i was sooo excited when we got back i ran around playing with all of the toys i missed.  my mom tried to let me out but there was this funny wet stuff falling from the sky. i'd seen it before but this time there was so much i could barely see and it made me cold - i ran right back inside and held it until it stopped. not much of a welcome home, huh?

i'm writing this post from my mom's bed. we took a nap together when we got back and it was so cozy. i'm glad to be back, but i also can't wait to go back to NJ for christmas (mostly because of santa paws, but also because i miss my grandma and grandpa and kiki!!)

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caite said...

Not as much as I miss you Bandit...and your mom too. ;-)