Monday, December 1, 2008


last night i got to see my aunt elly! i missed her so much! we were playing and she noticed that my tooth was loose. when i woke up this morning my mom noticed that it fell out during the night. 

i think i swallowed it, EEK!

my mom says the toothfairy will still come even if i cant leave my tooth under my favorite paw print blanket. i wonder what she'll bring me? 


caite said...

why did I not know that dogs lose their baby teeth? but Bandit, I hate to say that I am not sure that the Tooth Fairy visits wee puppies..but then you are so cute...

Grandmom Fitz said...

I am sure the Tooth Fairy will visit Bandit because he is the cutest dog in the world. The Tooth Fairy will be anxious to visit him and leave him something nice!!