Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas from your fuzzy friend!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas. I sure am! Santa Paws was very generous on my first Christmas. He brought me everything on my list!! Here are some pictures of our festivities.

Here I am in the sweater my mom got me when she was in NYC.
It is a Christmas sweater!
There is a blanket for me on the bathroom floor because it's always cold!
My grandpa's Christmas village.
A surprised nutcracker..
Great-Grandma's house on Christmas Eve.
mm..i love bows! they are shiny and crispy.
Me & my mom's house on Christmas eve..
We hung  our stockings by the chimney with care..
Here i am looking especially frightened..

Here's a nice picture with the flash on. (ps. that's not the REAL tree..)
Christmas morning..look at all the gifts!
looking sooo excited because SANTA PAWS CAME!!!!!
playing with my antlers..
opening a gift from (*gasp*) SANTA PAWS!!!!

Here in my furry coat from KIKI!!
A ball from my mom..
Here I am in my very own MONOGRAMMED CASHMERE SWEATER from my grandma!! 

Have a lovely Christmas...


caite said...

Bandit, you are wearing a lot of different outfits there.

bermudaonion said...

Bandit is precious! We were just talking at dinner tonight that we should start a blog for our dog.

Bandit Jack said...

oh yes! i could follow his blog! that would be fun

Dar said...

Bandit, you are so cute! You bring back so many memories of my Buddy when he was a baby. Anyhow, Buddy wants to tell you how much fun he had ripping open his Christmas presents this year-he had paper flying in all directions.

As for you and your mom's house and decorations-it all looks absolutely beautiful. I'm glad Christmas was so wonderful for you all.

I hope 2009 will be a year of many more discoveries for you Bandit and all of them good!