Tuesday, December 16, 2008

big news!!

hi everyone, its been a while. well as you know, my mom is (and i say this with the utmost certainty) the BIGGEST fan of stephenie meyer's twilight series. she read each book in an average of 2 days, read the first too many times for me to count on my paws and purchased tickets to the movie (that opened 11-24-2008) in early october. she dragged me along to the midnight premier (because she could not find a babysitter ;) ) and i fell asleep; what else is new?

we were browsing the web together last night and found that the actor playing jacob black in the first movie may not be reoffered a contract in the next movie, new moon. normally, i would be upset about this "recasting" - maybe it will make the series look disjointed. (and its rival, harry potter would laugh in twilight's face about never facing this issue). 

BUT, as all you avid twilight readers know, jacob is a baby-faced adolescent in twilight and plays a very minimal role in the novel. however, in the second book, new moon, one might even suggest that jacob has a bigger role than edward (GASP, don't worry my mom is a HUGE team edward fan. auntie elly is team jacob, UGH!! we try to look past that..)  in new moon, jacob matures significantly, and frankly, i dont think taylor lautner fits the bill. perhaps if they waited a few years to begin filming he could become the tall, strong jacob we are most familiar with, but time is money!!!

michael copon is likely to become jacob black in the next movie. yes, i'd say he would be a more appropriate jacob. but of course, i wish the producers had considered this dilemma before casting for twilight, because i think most will not take kindly to this news.

so, how do we all feel about this adjustment!? im very partial to it, because jacob and i (bandit, of course) have a lot in common ;) (you twilight readers will know what i mean..)

-bandit 0:  (ps. i have lost most of my puppy teeth!!)

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