Wednesday, December 3, 2008

you want world issues? you got world issues..

it has been requested that i address some world issues. while i am not too knowledgeable about politics and certainly quite undereducated in foreign affairs, (what im only 4 months old!?!) this is my attempt at tackling the many horrors happening around the globe:

a large, 600 foot,  650 passenger cruise ship was attacked on sunday in the dangerous gulf of aden; between yemen and somalia. the m/s nautica, of oceania cruises, was fired at several times by pirates on two 20-foot motor speed boats. passengers were aboard for a month-long voyage from rome to singapore and described the shooting as a "pop, pop, pop!" 

cruise staff ordered passengers to remain in their cabins with their heads down. passenger lynne pincini states, "we heard that announcement, but of course we went straight out on the balcony to have a look." in addition, the passengers were warned of the [very] possible threat of a pirate attack and informed of the ships' emergency procedure, ie. high pressured water hoses, and a device capable of producing 150 dB blasts to distract the pirates (120 dB is the normal pain threshold).

of course if a cruise line warned me of a very probable pirate attack, you could just count me out. also, if the captain announced we were under attack, my balcony would certainly be the LAST place you would find me! although on the other hand, i do find it quite ambitious (and somewhat comical) that two 20 ft wooden boats felt they stood a chance to a mighty 600 ft oceanliner.. 


caite said...

wow bandit...this blog is looking very fancy. do you give lessons?

caite said...

where would you be Bandit? Hiding under the bed?