Thursday, December 4, 2008

a letter to the big guy

dear santa paws,

i have been a very good boy (except that i keep having accidents inside). if you come to my house this year, i would love it if you could bring me:

(because when i write on my blog, my paws get tired using the trackpad AND i am afraid i am contracting carpal tunnel..)

(because id really like to find a way to fix my infamous yellow eye..)

(..i need something better to do than chew on a water bottle when my mom is at class)

oh, and santa paws, dont forget about my mom. she really wanted to finish off her collection of seinfeld dvds, she has seasons 1-3. and she loooooves curb your enthusiasm. i hear they are making a seinfeld scene it game these days...

shes also complaining about carrying her books in a shoulder bag because it is so heavy! maybe she would like something like this backpack to even the weight out.

love, bandy 

ps. id REALLY love a nice t-bone.


Dar said...

Hi there, I noticed your blog on another one and because of the name clicked on it. What kind of dog do you have? He sure looks like my little guy when he was small. He's just adorable.

caite said...

Hey Bandit, tell your mom you and she wants an awful lot of stuff and if she got that backpack in a 'retiring' color is is A LOT CHEAPER!

Btw Dar, Bandit, the dog, says HE is writing this blog. I have my doubts...but he is very cute.
What is he?
Unknown, small, fuzzy, cute....Is that a breed?

Grandmom Fitz said...

Hi Bandit!
I heard you were not feeling well! Your Mom is going to give you medicine to make you feel better! If you take your medicine like a good boy then you should be in tip top shape by Christmas!! I hope you get everything on your list from Santa Paws. Your Mom has quite a list too! Tell your Mom that since she is older now Santa usually does not bring everything on the list! I think Santa will bring everything on your list, Bandit, since this is your first Christmas! Try and work on the number of accidents you have at home! Love Grandmom

caite said...

Santa doesn't bring everything on your list??? What???