Wednesday, December 3, 2008

pictures of yours truly..

hmm..seems i can only post three pictures because instead of getting "red eye" like people, i get yellow eye. and the red eye fixer on my iPhoto does not fix yellow eye!! grr...anyway here are some pics of my life:

this is me and my aunt elly being silly. i was sitting in her hood! (pre-spiffy haircut)
me and my mom doing some training. mmm, i love those bacon treats.
my mom gives me cheerios in a water bottle and its like a game for me to get it out. after i like to bite the bottle because it makes loud noises.

..perhaps this is why my mom wanted photoshop for christmas. maybe i should put in a word with santa paws.


caite said...

Hey, nice new header pic there Bandit! you are getting the hang of this blog thing. and I see you have another follower.

I am waiting for your comments on world affairs....or something.

caite said...

bandit, did she tell santa that?