Tuesday, December 9, 2008

..its the most wonderful time of the year

I kept running away, so Uncle Justin put me in the pot so I would stay put.
I look a bit unhappy in front of my Christmas tree.
Addressing my Christmas cards..
Who did this to me!?!? I look scared..
Playing with my mom..
Me and my Uncle Justin & Aunt Elly putting up Christmas Lights!

My mom and Uncle Justin trying to put on my Santa hat..

my mom has been hogging the computer - i know you are all wondering where i have been. she keeps complaining about something called finals week. i helped her study for her statistics test. its easy!

anyway hope you like the pictures of us getting ready for christmas!!! (i don't know why they uploaded out of order. oh well)


Dar said...

You are so adorable!!! Buddy says that you make his mommy remember so much when he was a baby. She just wants to give you a big hug.

caite said...

I love the one of you in the pot!!

And yes, I heard you were sick...poor Bandy. Are you feeling better now, after your peanut butter covered pills?

I am glad you clarified in your post on my blog that you are a god...what would my readers think?...lol

well, I better get dressed. I am off to Marlton to waste some time and shop for 'stuffers',