Friday, February 27, 2009


me and my mom have been taking regular walks for a little over a week now. she comes home on her lunch break for a while and takes me out for a walk. out of curiosity, i google-mapped our trail and found out that its a TOTAL of 2.4 miles! WOW!!! we are both healthy pups, huh? google map lets you tell it if you're walking or driving and it also has a video of your route with real pictures (not the fake cartoon ones!) it looks just like you're driving down the street! try it out sometime. its real fun!!

here are a couple pictures of our route. unfortunately, the street we live on doesn't have a sidewalk. so we have to walk down it a little to get to the bike path.

hope everyone else is getting their fill of exercise, too!!


caite said...

wow, that is a long way with your wee little legs!

Grandmom Fitz said...

You are going to grow big muscles!! Big muscles to run away from us faster!!

Dar said...

Bandit, I'm so jealous. I love going for walks but with all the snow we have here it's hard in the winter. We make up for it in the summer though. I'm pretty particular about where I'll let mommy take me though. She tries to go new ways and I grab my leash and take her the other way. She should just listen to me in the first place right-I am the boss.
Hugs to you Bandit. Luv Buddy.