Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the great escape!

i would like to preface this post by stating: i know you all look forward to my posts and that its been quite a long time. all i have to say is that this is my mom's computer and she's been using it a lot to study for her 3 tests this week. now onto my story:

i was out for a ride in the car, it was fun. then we got home and my mom filled up my bowl with some water. i ran under the table with a leaf i'd picked up on the way in. i was being as stealth as i could be, but she saw the leaf and took it away from me. she went upstairs to put some things away and my aunt elly went on the porch to water the palm-treeish plant. she didn't completely shut the door, just shut it without it clicking.

from under the table i could smell the sweet fragrance of freshly cut grass and it was the first warm day in a long long time. i really wanted to be outside. i stuck my nose in between the crack of the door and i was out! i did it!!

meanwhile, my mom had come downstairs and was getting some lunch together when she noticed how QUIET it was. "where's bandy?" she asked aunt elly. elly said "i was just thinking the exact same thing." my mom ran upstairs checked under her bed, under uncle justin's bed - looked in all the closets and couldn't find me. she said the last time she saw me i was under the table with a leaf in my mouth.

immediately aunt elly ran outside to find me. my mom stayed inside to keep looking. eventually she concluded i was definitely not inside. mom called grandmom crying, grandmom also started freaking out. (in retrospect she says it was not the best idea..what was she going to do 850 miles away? FREAK OUT!)

while all this was going on i was trotting down the sidewalk of our development, enjoying a stroll that did not require a leash for once. i started getting really hot though because it was warmer than i remembered. but it was okay, i was on an adventure! i ran to the field by the mailboxes and ran laps for a long long time. 

...thats when aunt elly came up. she was very upset, i thought she was sad i didn't ask her to run laps with me. she started running toward me and i was so excited that we were going to run laps TOGETHER!! she was yelling BANDIT BANDIT!!!! i stopped and she ran over and picked me up. she just started walking back to mom's apt when mom ran out of the house like a mess. she ran up to me and gave me so many hugs. i dont think i got that many hugs before. 

i had a fun time =D


caite said...

Bandit...Bandit...you are very cute but that is a very, very bad thing to do. I know Elly and your mom were so scared!
So don't do that again! really!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you scared your mom and your aunt!

Grandmom Fitz said...

I am glad you enjoyed your escape but the rest of us certainly did not!!! Next time you better ask your Mom permission before going on an adventure!! Love Grandmom Fitz

Bandit Jack said...

yes, bermudaonion, they still won't let it go. ugh, just trying to have some fun!!!

Dar said...

Bandit, you cute little bugger. Why are you scaring your mommy like I did mine? When I did that to my mommy she just about squeezed the stuffing out of me when she found me---I got lots of kisses too (moo-moos I call them) and those I was really happy with. Glad you're ok though.