Sunday, February 8, 2009

a laidback kind of weekend.

my mom got sick this weekend. well actually she got sick during the week but it was a lot worse over the weekend. so we just stayed at home. 

friday night we went to chili's for dinner (well, ok maybe she just brought me home some leftovers) and my mom and aunt elly decided to install a dimmer. once they turned off the power at the circuit breaker it was DARK and had to use a flashlight. overall it was just a really bad idea. they waited to install the second one until the next day when the SUN was out!!

saturday i took care of my mom. she was in bed most of the day. i brought her milk and cookies! (girl scout cookies!!! peanut-butter sandwiches. she ate them and then remembered the peanut butter recall, but so far, so good...)

today is a really nice day! and my mom is feeling better. she opened the windows and we just finished watching a movie together (on our new tv!) later we are going to make some baklava, courtesy of giada delaurentiis! btw, does anybody know what CHOCOLATE is, or why my mom loveeeeees it but won't let me have any?! food network is doing chocolate lovers weekend and she keeps watching it!!

well, thats about it over here. luckily my mom does not have as many tests this week so i can steal the computer more often. talk to you guys soon!

ps. did ya'll see the pictures from my visit to st. augustine last weekend!? 


Dar said...

Glad your mommy is feeling better today Bandit! Hope you and your mom have a good Sunday. Me and my mom are although I'm being kind of bad right now because I want my dinner and I'm kind of demanding that way--I want it now. lol.

Grandmom Fitz said...

You took such good care of your Mommy while she was sick! You are such a good boy!! You make sure you keep giving her lots of kisses!! I loved all of your pictures from St. Augustine and the blog you wrote on Great Aunt kikis site!! We had a fun day and you were pooped at the end of it!
Love to You and Your Mommy! Love Grandmom

Bandit Jack said...

thanks for all your comments!! i got half a girl scout cookie out of it!!

caite said...

I must sat that I thought your guest post was outstanding! of course the pictures were all so you.