Saturday, February 28, 2009

what did you do this saturday?

today began with a LONG nice walk with my mom and aunt elly. instead of going the usual route, we went the other way (only 1.6 miles on google maps, we're slackers today, i know) because we can walk to the kangaroo. why would we want to walk to a gas station you ask? because there is a REDBOX! she's pretty convinced that it won't be too long until netflix & redbox shut blockbuster's doors. anyway, we rented a movie ($1!!! there's not too much you can get with a dollar these days..) 

well let me just preface this next paragraph by saying that my mom was wearing sweatpants but changed into shorts because it was a bit HOT! needless to say my walk to the kangaroo was a bit of a struggle - with all my fuzz. my mom thought my sugar was low (can that happen to dogs?) and bought me a slim jim, YUM!! the walk back was awful. she was dragging me along and there was slack in my leash for once. i got smart and walked in aunt elly's shadow. when we got back home my mom cranked up the AC for me.

finally my mom put together my doggie booster seat for the car!! (ive only been asking for ages..) it is my FAVORITE THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! now i can see out the window and i don't fall over whenever my mommy turns! we rode to the vet to get some more heartworm meds and back home again. then i hit the bathtub. i'm ashamed to say that mommy thought "brown sugar and fig" body wash would make me smell "delicious." i say it makes me smell like A GIRL! 

tell me how your saturday went. i'd love to know! 


caite said...

your car seat sounds swell Bandit. No doubt some really nice person gave that to

I am sorry you smell like a girl but it is better than smelling like a dog. No offense.

Grandmom Fitz said...

You need to tell your Mommy to get you some manly shampoo so you can smell like the big brawny manly dog that you are! I told your Mommy to get you a little water bowl for your LONG HOT walks instead of her just pouring water on the ground for you!! I hope she does that for you because all big brawny manly smelling dogs need a lot of water when they are walking in the heat!! If not you will have to tell her to carry you!!! We can't wait to see you and your Mom this weekend! You might be able to play in some snow on Saturday!!At least you wont be hot and over heated!!! Love Grandmom